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Key Stage 1 & 2


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Maths is Fun – Number Lines


number-linesNumber lines are something that we use a lot at LCPS to help the children with their numeracy learning.  With our youngest learners in foundation stage they give the   children a picture of what numbers look like and where they are in order.  This helps them to learn to count and recognise the way each number they say is written.  This develops into being used to count in steps of different size and beginning to see patterns in numbers.


They are also a great aid to solving addition and subtraction questions by counting forwards and backwards along the number line.  They can also be used to help with multiplying as the children add groups of numbers repeatedly and also with division by taking away groups of numbers.


Some of our older learners can use a number line to see how numbers less than zero fit in and how their skills can be developed into reading scales, something they will use in life repeatedly for many different reasons.


Why not try drawing a number line with your child and ask them to show you what they would use it for?


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